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Will Germany Help Shift EU–Taiwan Ties into Gear?

The European Union is in the process of rethinking its relations with China, with an increasing awareness that China presents mounting challenges to core European values and interests. In Brussels, the issue of systemic rivalry has taken center stage in the China debate, while calls for cooperation and engagement remain. Germany is one of the leading member states that has shown support for change in the EU’s relationship with China, while simultaneously proving to be slow in adjusting its own China policy.

Parliamentary Diplomacy to Boost the Resilience of EU-Taiwan Ties

Parliamentary diplomacy has brought Taiwan closer to Europe and encouraged learning from its expertise in combatting disinformation. By exploiting the lack of Taiwan and China competence across the EU, Beijing continues to blur the line between its so-called One-China Principle and the EU’s own One-China Policy. A communication offensive on Taiwan’s relevance to the EU reinforced by parliamentary diplomacy would empower Europeans in the face of Beijing’s disinformation efforts and help keep Taiwan close.

Czech Republic and Taiwan Bolster Ties Amid Authoritarian Coercion

The government led by Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala, who took office in December last year, has demonstrated its determination to stand up against authoritarian coercion and enhance ties with Taiwan. The consolidated ties between Prague and Taipei have become strikingly discernible against the backdrop of deteriorating ties with Beijing.