China Observers in Central and Eastern Europe (CHOICE) aims to form a consortium for monitoring and evaluating the rising influence of the People’s Republic of China in countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) which participate in the China-proposed 17+1 initiative. The consortium provides a platform for discussions, information sharing, best practices and lessons learned from various China-related projects and activities conducted by its members.

The goal of CHOICE is to critically assess and analytically dissect 17+1, Belt and Road and other China-led initiatives. By establishing a forum of independent experts and practitioners from the region, CHOICE strives to build a multinational platform for open discussion, experience-sharing and independent assessment.

The CHOICE platform is run by the Association for International Affairs (AMO), a prominent Prague-based foreign policy think tank and NGO.

Ivana Karásková

Coordinator of CHOICE and China Research Fellow at the Association for International Affairs in Prague


+420 224 813 460

Filip Šebok

Project Manager & Research Fellow, AMO Research Center


+420 792 476 046

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