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Voice for CHOICE #34: Taiwan Election Insights with Marcin Jerzewski

The 2024 presidential election in Taiwan holds great significance as it will determine the future of Taiwan’s relationship with China, the United States, and the rest of the world. Though the West often views Taiwan’s elections through the lens of cross-strait relations and the risk of Beijing’s invasion, most Taiwanese voters are more concerned with domestic issues such as housing policy, low wages, and energy security. The elections will also reflect how the Taiwanese people view their national identity and sovereignty. The three candidates have different strategies for dealing with the cross-strait issues and enhancing Taiwan’s global presence. Contrary to previous elections, the results remain uncertain as the race is expected to be tight. One of the significant challenges facing Taiwan is the threat of disinformation and propaganda from China, which aims to sway public opinion and undermine democracy in Taiwan.

This month’s guest

Marcin Jerzewski, Head of Taiwan Office of the European Values Center for Security Policy and Research Fellow at Taiwan NextGen Foundation.

Show notes

Written by

Kara Němečková


Kara Němečková is the PR Manager of CHOICE at the Association for International Affairs (AMO).