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The Missing Pieces? How CEE Can Contribute to a Stronger European Approach to China

This paper authored by CHOICE Research Fellows Ana Krstinovska, Alicja Bachulska and Una Aleksandra Bērziņa-Čerenkova seeks to answer the question of how Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries can use their experience and unique perspectives on relations with China to contribute to a more unified, competent, and self-confident European policy towards Beijing.

Lithuania-Taiwan Relations: A Temperature Check

While Lithuania positioned itself as an early stalwart of closer ties between Europe and Taiwan, the sustainability of relations between Vilnius and Taipei remains in question. This is mainly due to domestic political competition, the Baltic country’s unfulfilled economic ambitions, and recent pressure on the Ingrida Šimonytė government to normalize relations with China. As we enter an election year, it is crucial to examine factors that could undermine the continued expansion of ties between Lithuania and Taiwan. 

How Czechia Engages Taiwan

While shared values have underpinned the growing Czech-Taiwanese relationship, there is an interest on both sides to prove that the cooperation can also deliver tangible results.

How to Deal with the War Machine? China’s Narratives and Policies After NATO’s Summit in Vilnius

The recently concluded NATO summit has reinforced Chinese authorities’ belief that the Alliance activity with partners in the Indo-Pacific is part of the US hegemonic interests. In an effort to counter this, China is developing a narrative of NATO as a destabilizing actor while strengthening its military capabilities, including in cooperation with foreign partners.