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Parliamentary Diplomacy to Boost the Resilience of EU-Taiwan Ties

Parliamentary diplomacy has brought Taiwan closer to Europe and encouraged learning from its expertise in combatting disinformation. By exploiting the lack of Taiwan and China competence across the EU, Beijing continues to blur the line between its so-called One-China Principle and the EU’s own One-China Policy. A communication offensive on Taiwan’s relevance to the EU reinforced by parliamentary diplomacy would empower Europeans in the face of Beijing’s disinformation efforts and help keep Taiwan close.

How Russian Disinformation Troubles Sino-Polish Ties

Ties between Warsaw and Beijing are going through a rocky period, impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. China’s unwillingness to curb the spread of Russian disinformation about Poland within China runs contrary to Beijing’s quest of “telling China’s story well,” underling its failure to take Poland’s fundamental security concerns seriously.