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CHOICE Analysts Offer CEE Perspectives on China-Russia Ties

Indicative of the importance of our network at this juncture, three of our analysts across Czechia, Latvia, and Slovakia made appearances on the ChinaTalk podcast to discuss topics that are understandably top of mind for many. From...

Reading into China’s Reaction to Russian Aggression in Ukraine

Given the rapid escalation of Russian aggression against Ukraine and the largely opaque statements offered by typically noncommital Chinese diplomats, CHOICE assembled a group of experts on both nations to opine on the action and reaction.

Amid Ukraine Tensions, Moscow and Beijing Grow Closer 

On the sidelines of the Beijing Olympics, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping met for the 38th time, issuing a joint statement that may well become a major milestone in bilateral ties.

Belarus’ Burgeoning Ties with Russia and China

Increasing pressure from Western countries may leave the Lukashenko regime no choice but to embrace a two-pronged strategy. These prongs include deepening defense cooperation with Russia and bolstering economic ties with China. While the...