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Whose Line Is It Anyway?

With the help of Chinese loans, Hungary plans to upgrade a 160-kilometer railway line from the capital of Budapest south to the Serbian border at a cost of 2.89 billion dollars. Basic questions about the project’s purpose...

Comparative Analysis of the Approach Towards China: V4 and One Belt One Road

China’s emergence over the last two decades as one of the world’s major economies has had a transformative impact on international economic relations. Its rise as a global economic power has shifted the geographical concentration of financial...

Images of China in Czech and Hungarian Parliaments

The policy paper represents the first and so far only study of the Czech and Hungarian parliamentary discourses on China of this complexity, depth and historical scale, covering period from 1993 (1990 respectively) till the end of 2018.

The Misguided Discourse on Chinese Influence in Central Europe

Relations of CEE countries with China are often a subject to controversy. Tamas Matura, Hungarian expert on China, sees little justification for criticism from Western EU members. He warns that applying double standards threatens to build up lines of division within...
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