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Despite Protests, China Policy is Not a Pivotal Issue in CEE Elections

This article is the first in an exclusive new series from CHOICE entitled on China as a topic in elections across Central and Eastern Europe. Thousands of angry citizens rally in Budapest, bolstered by...

Voice for CHOICE #10: Getting a Handle on Sino-Hungarian Relations with Szabolcs Panyi

Hungary has had its share of issues as of late, ranging from its import of Chinese vaccines sans EMA approval, to blockage of EU statements on human rights abuses in China, to the politically problematic (and quite pricey) establishment of Fudan University's campus in Budapest.

Hungary’s China Policy Might Be In For a Seismic Shift

This article was originally published in The Diplomat. It was stunning to many observers seeing pictures from Hungary of thousands of people marching in the streets protesting the government plan to build the overseas...