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Chinese Puzzles – Putin’s Long War in Ukraine

This article was originally published at China Foresight, LSE IDEAS, and is republished here as part of a partnership between CHOICE and China Foresight. Ukrainian military successes in the second half of 2022 have not only precipitated…


The past twelve months have been turbulent for China-CEE relations. China-Russia ‘No Limits’ Partnership, China’s tacit support of Russia’s war in Ukraine, Beijing’s damage control missions and Estonia and Latvia’s decisions to leave 16+1…

China at COP27: “Loss and Damage” and Fossil Fuels Take Center Stage

As the largest greenhouse gas emitter with the second highest cumulative emissions, China was an essential player in key negotiations at this year’s COP27 concerning the climate impact compensation and emissions reductions. China will need to step up to phase-out fossil fuels, otherwise it will likely also face increasing calls to take responsibility for its share of the climate crisis and pay up for loss and damage.