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Assessing China’s Vaccine Diplomacy

Since early 2019, China has emerged as one of the key COVID-19 vaccine providers to lower-income countries, actively providing both donations and commercial deliveries. China mostly negotiated the purchases on a bilateral basis, utilizing the donations for its diplomacy goals. Despite the overall demand for vaccines declining and interest in China’s jabs taking a hit, Beijing keeps making new donation pledges.  

On the Future of 14+1: A View from Romania

Not so long ago, the 17+1 cooperation format appeared to be expanding and consolidating, admitting an ‘old’ EU member state, Greece, within its ranks. Yet, in a sudden shift, three participants have left the platform over the past year and a half, while others might yet follow. Others, like Romania, seem to be satisfied with keeping the format half-alive out of inertia.

What to Expect from China’s Kosovo Policy

While China has not been actively engaged on the issue of international recognition of Kosovo before, changes in ties with the US and EU might lead Beijing to step up its engagement, creating new dilemmas for the Kosovar authorities.