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Why Using Beijing to Hedge Against Moscow Is Futile

While the offer to join and grow within the liberal international system has been on the table for both Moscow and Beijing, neither has been willing to accept the rules of the game. Authoritarian expansionism, in moral and in territorial terms, remains the key goal for both regimes. 

Is China Turning Japanese?

China’s economic development model resembles that of Japan over 30 years ago with high savings, and high investment, but with restrained consumption and rigid institutions weighing increasingly on macroeconomic success. The chronic over-investment and misallocation of capital, particularly in the property sector,…

Amid Heated European China Debate, Hungary Stays on a Beijing-friendly Course

While the EU-China relations are at a crossroads, Hungary’s relationship with the Middle Kingdom seems to be blooming. In the last few years, Budapest has signed a number of massive investment deals with Beijing, earning it the label of China’s European foothold. Although the economic results have sometimes come under question, the political consequences are undeniable.