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As both the EU-China CAI 17+1 summit begin to fade from view and more challenges yet emerge for China and their relations with both the EU and CEE nations, the Voice for CHOICE  podcast is picking up on one of China’s evermore present promises in such high-profile meetings and agreements in 2021, that of climate cooperation.

As the EU attempts to paint China as a reliable partner on climate issues, one must wonder if green policy can truly become divorced from ancillary issues and, crucially, an overall coherent foreign policy. Janka Oertel and Kevin Curran discuss the issues related, wherein Dr. Oertel offers her opinion on compartmentalizing climate policies and China’s contentious status as a partner on climate change issues.

Make the right CHOICE and tune in!

This month’s show features analysis from:

  • Dr. Janka Oertel, Senior Policy Fellow and Asia Program Director, European Council on Foreign Relations

Show Notes

This podcast is hosted by Kevin Curran