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Why the EU Must Keep Talking with China about Russia 

It seems that recently, there have been growing doubts as to whether there is still a need to talk to China about Russia and their ‘no-limits’ friendship. This was noticeable during Scholz’s visit to China, whose request to Xi Jinping to put pressure on Putin to withdraw Russian troops from Ukraine was met with harsh criticism. While Scholz’s visit deserves to be scrutinized, mainly because his stance undermines the EU China agenda, including the German China strategy, his comments on Ukraine should not be assessed so negatively. Raising the Russia issue and asking China to put pressure on Putin is an important factor in the Western delicate deterrence-assurance game with Beijing. 

The Missing Pieces? How CEE Can Contribute to a Stronger European Approach to China

This paper authored by CHOICE Research Fellows Ana Krstinovska, Alicja Bachulska and Una Aleksandra Bērziņa-Čerenkova seeks to answer the question of how Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries can use their experience and unique perspectives on relations with China to contribute to a more unified, competent, and self-confident European policy towards Beijing.

China Probes the Ground for Negotiations in the Russian-Ukrainian War

China has conducted a second round of shuttle diplomacy to “seek political settlement” to what it calls the “Ukrainian crisis.” Special Representative of the Chinese Government on Eurasian Affairs Li Hui visited Russia, the EU headquarters in Brussels and also Poland, Ukraine, Germany, and France, trying to gauge the outlook of a negotiated settlement – one that would favor Russia.

Will October Elections Change Poland’s Stance Towards China?

Poland is approaching parliamentary elections, which some deem one of the most important since 1989. The results could determine the focus of Warsaw’s foreign policy and its role on the international stage, especially within the EU. However, it seems that the vote will have little impact on Poland’s future stance toward China.

Breaking the Mold: Poland Changes Course on China Policy Amid War in Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s tacit approval for it have added additional impetus to the changes in the way political elites in Warsaw perceive Beijing. Although views still diverge among different actors and political parties, one thing is clear: China’s attempts to blur the distinction between the aggressor and the victim will not be tolerated.