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The Role of Cities in German China Policy

The engagement of German cities with their Chinese partners has come under scrutiny recently. As cities like Kiel explored cooperation with China, questions arise about the balance between local economic interests and national security concerns. 

Chinese Stakes in European Ports: Geopolitical Threat or Mere Business Venture?

Chinese investments in European ports have sparked fears and a debate over the obligations of business to deal with matters of national security. Understanding the economic and political importance of ports, and the actors involved in Chinese investments, can help to evaluate their economic and political impacts in a way that is strategically minded but does not shut the door for business.

Duisburg: From a Dirty Old Town to Germany’s China City?

The German rust belt city of Duisburg has been at the forefront of cooperation between China and Germany. However, the uncertainty over the future economic engagement of Chinese actors in the city and the growing geopolitical risks increasingly put the future of cooperation into question.