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Bachelet’s visit to China: Engage, But at What Cost?

This article was originally published by The Diplomat and is republished here with permission. After several years of negotiations with the Chinese government, the United Nations’ human rights chief, Michelle Bachelet, finally made her long-awaited visit...

The French EU Presidency Must Be More Ambitious with China Agenda

During the last informal meeting of EU foreign affairs ministers in Brest in mid-January, “China’s attitude towards certain Member States of the Union which are experiencing great political, economic and commercial pressure” featured on the agenda. 

Beijing Olympics Row Reveals Cracks in the Czech China Policy

The new Czech government under Prime Minister Petr Fiala, just inaugurated in December, promised “a change people can believe in.” Among these expected changes, foreign policy is one of the most prominent areas due for a shakeup.

Voice for CHOICE #9: Tackling Human Rights Issues in China Policy with Eyck Freymann

Human rights are increasingly taking center stage in Sino-European relations, supplanting the economic impacts that had previously held primacy.