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Why Using Beijing to Hedge Against Moscow Is Futile

While the offer to join and grow within the liberal international system has been on the table for both Moscow and Beijing, neither has been willing to accept the rules of the game. Authoritarian expansionism, in moral and in territorial terms, remains the key goal for both regimes. 

China and Central Asia: Outside the Spotlight, but Always on the Table

Central Asian governments have grown used to accommodating the different priorities of outside partners and leveraging them for their own benefit, making sure not to become anyone’s playground. As Russia’s standing comes under question and China holds its ground, Western countries need to come up with an approach that is attuned to the region’s preferences.  

Czech Republic and Taiwan Bolster Ties Amid Authoritarian Coercion

The government led by Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala, who took office in December last year, has demonstrated its determination to stand up against authoritarian coercion and enhance ties with Taiwan. The consolidated ties between Prague and Taipei have become strikingly discernible against the backdrop of deteriorating ties with Beijing.