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Amid Ukraine Tensions, Moscow and Beijing Grow Closer 

On the sidelines of the Beijing Olympics, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping met for the 38th time, issuing a joint statement that may well become a major milestone in bilateral ties.

Voice for CHOICE #14: Eyes on the Beijing Olympics with Malin Oud

While purported to be an apolitical showcase of athletics, free from the troubles of the present geopolitical climate, the Beijing Olympics appear to be off to an inauspicious start even before the opening ceremony. 

Beijing Olympics Row Reveals Cracks in the Czech China Policy

The new Czech government under Prime Minister Petr Fiala, just inaugurated in December, promised “a change people can believe in.” Among these expected changes, foreign policy is one of the most prominent areas due for a shakeup.

It’s Smooth Sailing for Sinopharm in Serbia

Chinese vaccine manufacturer Sinopharm does not exactly have a stellar market reputation these days. The two Chinese vaccines Sinopharm and Sinovac have both been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) for emergency use,...

Taiwan, Lithuania, and a Small Country’s Big Challenge to Beijing

When Lithuanian Ambassador Diana Mickeviciene returned to her posting in Beijing on August 10, she was met with more than just a cold welcome. Having recalled its own envoy from Vilnius, Beijing was now asking Lithuania to...

Voice for CHOICE #9: Tackling Human Rights Issues in China Policy with Eyck Freymann

Human rights are increasingly taking center stage in Sino-European relations, supplanting the economic impacts that had previously held primacy.

Has Xi Jinping Just Presided Over the Last 17+1 Summit?

If 17+1 is indeed a "pioneering feat of great power diplomacy with Chinese characteristics", as Chinese state media claim, Beijing should be worried.       Leaders of six countries decided to pass on the 17+1 summit...

Foreign Influence Operations: Analysis of the COVID-19 Pandemic in North Macedonia

A new policy paper by Ana Krstinovska deals with the growing issue of pro-China narratives in Europe, using the case study of North Macedonia. With the COVID-19 crisis serving as a significant catalyst, these campaigns have ramped...

United Front Reaches Central Europe? Chinese Diaspora during COVID-19

Central Europe is home to a small Chinese community that rarely makes headlines. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, diaspora activities in the region stand at the forefront of China’s “mask diplomacy”.  Prepared in...

As EU-China Relations Sour, Will Taiwan Find an Opening?

With the One-China Policy framed by Beijing as non-negotiable, European policymakers have remained cautious about their approach to Taiwan for decades. However, with Taiwan’s effective response to COVID-19 and little progress in Beijing-Brussels relations, the EU might...