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Mentoring Session: Contributing to a China-focused Journal

During this mentoring session, Dr. Timothy Hildebrandt, a seasoned editor of The China Quarterly, shared his invaluable experience and strategies for successfully contributing to prestigious academic journals. Participants learned how to navigate the submission process, from understanding common pitfalls in writing on China to responding effectively to peer review feedback. The session aimed to demystify the publication process, offering practical tips on selecting the right journals and best practices for writing academic articles. This opportunity provided early career China researchers with direct insight into the editorial expectations and how to enhance their research’s appeal to top-tier journals.

The session was moderated by Veronika Blablová from the Association for International Affairs (AMO), the Project Coordinator of the Future CHOICE initiative.

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CHOICE is a multinational consortium of experts providing informed analysis on the rising influence of the People’s Republic of China within the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).