Saturday, May 25, 2019


Oxford-style Debate: Should the 16+1 Dissolve?

Statement: „16+1 is a China-led initiative which does not bring any benefits for the participating 16 CEE countries, thus it should dissolve”...

Behind the Huawei Backlash in Poland and the Czech Republic

The bold Huawei-related steps of Poland and the Czech Republic have attracted international attention. Yet these are only the most recent indications...

Serbia: China’s Open Door to the Balkans

China is playing an increasingly active role in Serbia, part of its expansion in Central and Eastern Europe.

China’s Document on the EU: A Small Chance to Improve Relations

In mid-December 2018, China released its third document on the EU. The timing of its publication and willingness to deepen cooperation show,...

China’s “16+1” Is Dead? Long Live the “17+1.”

This year’s summit might be the last for the “16+1” initiative – not because it’s dying, but because it’s expanding.