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China’s Aid in the Western Balkans: Supporting Development, Undermining Good Governance

In a brand new CHOICE paper, China’s development assistance to all the countries that make up the Western Balkans is put under the microscope.  The new study by Ana Krstinovska analyzes the Chinese economic...

Expert Roundtable: The Impacts of China-Funded Projects in the Western Balkans

The EU future for the countries in Western Balkans has recently been challenged. This ambiguity has offered an opening to non-European actors eager to exert influence and exploit openings in the region, including China.

China’s ‘Digital Silk Road’ Enters the Western Balkans

The Digital Silk Road (DSR), an important component of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), is an increasingly scrutinized aspect of China's foreign policy toolbox that combines the efforts of the Chinese government and Chinese tech companies....