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Following Global Trends: Polish Political Parties’ Changing Views on China

Over the past four years, Poland’s relations with China have undergone multiple phases, starting with tensions caused by the Huawei employee arrest in Warsaw, followed by legislative actions on critical infrastructure and the Polish government’s criticism towards the conclusion of negotiations on the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI). Around 2021, Poland’s attitude towards China shifted to a more positive stance seeking economic cooperation. Yet, the outbreak of the Ukraine war in 2022 and China’s alignment with Russia disrupted this trajectory and led to rising skepticism over China in Poland, negatively impacting the bilateral relationship.

In her study, published by CHOICE sister project MapInfluenCE, Joanna Nawrotkiewicz analyzes the positions held by Poland’s five prominent political groups on China, focusing on the parties’ views and practical steps on the issue of Sino-Russian relations post the Ukraine invasion, economic collaboration and dependencies, human rights violations, Chinese engagement in critical infrastructure and technology, as well as Poland’s political alliances within the EU and with the US.

Download the full paper below to get access to all the key insights and associated data.


Written by

Joanna Nawrotkiewicz


Joanna Nawrotkiewicz is a China analyst at Asia Research Center, War Studies University in Warsaw, Poland and recipient of the Ministry of Education’s Diamond Grant. She graduated from sinology and law at the MISH College of the University of Warsaw.