Mentoring Sessions

Introducing Future CHOICE Mentoring Sessions, our brand-new series aimed at the development of young promising China experts’ soft skills.

In these sessions, leading specialists in the field will take up the role of mentors in order to advise their younger counterparts on the obstacles they may encounter when conducting research on China and share their experience that has shaped their career paths. The mentoring sessions are a crucial component of the broader Future CHOICE initiative, which seeks to foster the development of a new generation of China scholars in CEE and beyond.

The online program consists of five closed-door meetings, to be held from October 2021 to June 2022. The meetings will offer an opportunity for a small-group interaction with established experts on a wide array of challenges related to the study of China both on a professional as well as personal level.

Young professionals and advanced students from across Europe are encouraged to register for the mentoring series.

Contact Person


Project Coordinator of the Future CHOICE Initiative, Association for International Affairs (AMO), Czech Republic

Please find the detailed schedule of the sessions including their focus and speakers below.

Session 3: Studying and Doing Research in China, February 2022

The first session in 2022 will be dedicated to sharing the experience with studying and conducting field research in China. 

More information to be determined soon.

Session 4: Maintaining Work-Life Balance, April 2022

The April discussion provides space for a debate on the balance between personal and professional life which might be arduous to maintain in a constantly changing field of expertise. 

More information to be determined soon.

Session 5: Mastering the Tricks of Trade, June 2022

The last mentoring session of this series will be devoted to the practical tips & tricks that might be useful to any China scholar. The topics discussed will focus on a wide range of issues, including communication with journalists, self-promotion, or advice on writing good articles.

More information to be determined soon.

Past sessions

Session 1: The Making of a Next-Generation China Scholar
October 19, 6.00-7.00 PM CET

The introductory mentoring session is going to be devoted to the future of China studies, especially concerning the obstacles that China researchers are likely to face in coming years. With China becoming increasingly insular even while the need to understand the country keeps growing, the research of China is entering a new, uncertain period. The crucial objective of the session is to enable established experts in the field to share inspiration and ideas regarding the knowledge and skills that are needed for the future professional development of the new generation of China researchers.


Dr. Ivana Karásková, Leader and Founder of CHOICE, Association for International Affairs (AMO), Czech Republic, and a European China Policy Fellow at MERICS, Germany

Dr. Jakub Jakóbowski, Senior Fellow at the China Programme at the Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), Poland

Dr. Mathieu Duchâtel, Director of the Asia Program at Institut Montaigne, France

The session will be moderated by Veronika Blablová from the Association for International Affairs (AMO), the Project Coordinator of the Future CHOICE initiative.

Session 2: The Challenges of Reporting & Pursuing Academic Career in China
December 7, 2021, 6.00-7.00 PM CET

The December session will concentrate on sharing our experts’ insights regarding the performance of various professional activities in China, each of whom has a wealth of experience working on the ground in the country. As identified during the introductory session in October, gathering information in China is increasingly arduous due to political and other constraints. Thus, it is crucial to not only build on experience but address the new challenges that have emerged as of late. This session is designed for aspiring researchers and journalists considering a career in China-related topics and especially those interested in working on the ground in China.


Marije Vlaskamp – journalist and former China correspondent, Netherlands

Rubén Ruiz-Ramas – Assistant Professor of the Department of Political Science and Administration at the UNED, Spain

The session will be moderated by Veronika Blablová from the Association for International Affairs (AMO), the Project Coordinator of the Future CHOICE initiative.