Friday, November 22, 2019


We believe that life is hard as it is and we can all use a healthy dose of laughter at the end of the day. The aim of the comics is to provide anecdotical comments on bad choices done by one or more of the sixteen Central and Eastern European countries in relation to China.

Panda Cancelled

No panda for the Prague ZOO after the Prague City Council terminated the sister city agreement with...

The Pirate Problem

Prague‘s mayor Zdeněk Hřib (The Pirate party) has become an unexpected 'troublemaker' for China's relations with the...

Mr. Blaha Goes to Tibet

Slovak MP Ľuboš Blaha visited China in August, extolling the Chinese communists' achievements in Tibet.

Closing time

Rumors have it that the TS Plzeň's archive has been taken away by the Chinese owner.
The views and opinions expressed in the comics are those of authors alone, and do not reflect official policies or positions of any member of the CHOICE platform or any donor supporting this project.